About Us

Getgo Culture started a year ago with a subscription service that curates trips to arts events for members each month. Each member would select their own availability and preferences and get a handpicked event, tailored to this information.


Since running the service, we've found that whilst lots of people want to go alone, or with a loved one, lots of people are craving for some more communal. They want to meet new people, talk to the artists, engage in discussions, and pick up some goodies in the meantime. Hence the Getgo Club.


  You can always check out our main offer here.

About Us

The Team

Joshua Beecham Pic.jpg


Josh Beecham

Hi, I'm Josh. Despite the smart shirt, I started out as an actor. As you can probably guess, I'm an arts enthusiast, with a real passion for getting more people out to the amazing culture that London has to offer.

Chris Bond.jfif

Tech Chap

Chris Bond

I love tech, but I love the arts too. Hamilton is the arts event that changed my life. 


Business Guru

Stephen Bediako

I help this bunch steer the ship. I'm obsessed with anything and everything at Barbican, so keep an eye out for me there!


Marketing Wizard

Theo Kotzastavros

Seen us online? Heard about us? That'll be my doing!  I love musicals & immersive theatre.