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Getgo Club.

Monthly meet-ups at London's best Arts Events...


How does it work?


  1. 1.  Apply for a membership.

  2. 2.  Once accepted, we'll let you know the date and production for the next meet-up. 

  3. 3.  We'll send out a link/code for you to buy your ticket. (We make £0 on these but can more often than not can get you a discount).

On the day...

  1. 1.  Arrive at the theatre 30mins before the performance starts. Grab a drink (on us),  then mingle with other Getgo Club members.

  2. 2.  Watch AMAZING theatre.

  3. 3.  Meet us in the secret location for a post show natter, led by the Arts Expert that curated the event (or head home if you're tired ).

After the event...

  1. Leave a review on the members forum. The review with the most up-votes gets free tickets to the next trip.

When are the meet-ups?

Either the last Tuesday or Thursday of each month.





Some of our partner venues

A few of our members


£3 per month


Pre-show drink 🍹

 Pre-show mingle & post-show discussion 🤝

Frequent discounted tix for monthly event 💸



I love theatre but I always go on my own. Getgo Club is a great way to see London arts events whilst meeting new people. It's brilliant to join a community of theatre lovers


My experience at Getgo Club was thought provoking and stimulating


I'm actor myself so am always trying to see as many plays as I can. Going to the theatre with Getgo Club means I really get more of the theatre I see

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